Through collaborative partnerships Looka Design provide full consultancy services nationally over Australia, New Zealand, Europe and China for all Defense, Government, Mining, Healthcare, Public realm and Housing projects.

Design Services

For us, clients come first

Design is the means and the starting point to fulfill expectations,

the solution must be transformative and holistic in approach,

else there is no reason

Lighting Design

Lighting is about the effect and the ambience and not just about the volume or the amount of luminaires

Positive Energy Design

To design passive energy structures will be part of the future, so why not just start now

Structural and Civil

Together with BIM and collaboration we reduce the risks of design failure

Mechanical Design

Air Conditioning and Evaporative

Ducted and radiant heating systems

Fume and dust extraction

Process cooling and heating

Refrigeration systems

Medical, laboratory reticulation

Steam generation and reticulation

Electrical Design

Infrastructure modelling

High and Low voltage

Transformer plant and reticulation

Power systems

Specialist lighting


Sanitary Drainage

Water reticulation


Waste water systems

Gas distribution

Fire Engineering

Fire Safety

Fire and smoke simulations

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Radiant heat and spread

Occupant evacuation

Building materials assessment



Physical construction and penetration ASIO-T4

Encrypted intruder systems

Access control

Security auditing

Secure network systems

Design is an iterative interactive process that comes together when ideas are challenged, measured and discussed. 


Our process involves understanding the program, the site and the inner workings of structures and buildings so as to discover the project's full potential. We are the most effective when we collaborate and listen to one another, work with one another and learn from one another.